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Hoosier Hills Treasure Club by-laws Ver. 03

1. The name of our club is Hoosier Hills Treasure Club

2. The club was organized on January 12, 1975.

3. The meetings will be held at "Wray's Treasure Shop".

4. Dues will be $20.00 per year, per household. A child shall be considered a household member until the age of 18 years old.

5. The club will meet the 1ST Sunday monthly at 1:30 PM. Changes of meeting time will be published in the Hoosier Hills Treasure Hunters newsletter.

6. Membership to be limited to thirty-five (35) households. New members will be on probation for (1) year, with permanent membership being decided by membership vote.

7. The purpose or goal of the club is to help gain access to hunting areas, and to improve the image of treasure hunting to the general public.

8. Each family will receive one free patch when joining the club, others may purchased from the club (patches are for club members only).

9. Club offices are President, Vice President, Secretary/Reporter and Treasurer.

10. Club officers will be nominated at the January meeting. Election of officers will be by membership vote at the February meeting.

11. $300 will be kept in the treasury in reserve for emergencies.

12. Club T-shirts $8.50, club patches $3.00 and $6.00 for caps. * subject to change

13. The way we make our money for the year is:

A. We sell food and drinks, ice cream, etc. in the concession stand during the Indiana Open.

B. We have a raffle at each meeting and everything above the cost of the item goes into the club treasury.

14. To be eligible to hunt in our spring and fall hunts there are mandatory requirements.

A. A member must work 2 hr. at the spring hunt and 2 hr. at the fall hunt.

B. Exceptions are for illness etc. and must be voted on by the membership.

C. A late fee of $5.00 is added to the entry fee if it is not paid a week prior to the hunt.

D. Must attend two club meetings between hunts

15. Save everything you find each month for the "find of the month" entries, if you find a cache or jar of coins, etc. it can be entered as a find. We have three (3) categories.




16. The items must be found between the previous and present meeting.

17. Members will vote on finds and select the winner of each category.

18. Points are received for entering and winning as follows:

A. (1) point for each category entered.

B. (3) points for each category you win.

C. If you enter all three (3) categories, and win all three of them you would have accumulated (9) points total.

19. Ties for any category will be decided by vote.

20. At the end of the year the person with the most points will receive treasure "Hunter-of-the-Year" plaque.

21 At the end of the year we will also vote on the find of the year. This is the best item you have found this year and must have been entered in one of the monthly finds in order to be eligible to participate. This winner will receive "Find-of-the-Year" plaque.

22. Any member can bring anything to be given away as a prize during any of our monthly hunts. This helps keep our hunts interesting.